Reviews Adamo Homes

REVIEWS Adamo Homes
"My wife and I started shopping around for a new builder in the Castle Rock area by the end of 2016. We had whittled that last down to two builders – one of those was Adamo. We liked the small batch customization options that were available, as well as the floor plans and interior/exterior customization options.

The staff was incredibly helpful and responsive to our many questions as we began the process. Being in Baghdad for almost the entire duration, they were understanding in the time-delay, and often times responded to my emails well after closing time in the U.S. They worked with my wife and I every step of the way, including us in all milestones as they worked to construct our dream home.

We probably visited our in-progress house as it was being built seven or eight times, and Adamo was there each time to walk us through the new additions and the next steps – including many Skype video walkthroughs I was party to 9,200 miles away! Ashlee, Andrew, and Danielle did an excellent job in keeping things organized, timely, and keeping us in the loop for the entire build.

We had chosen a ranch style home because of the failing health of our wolf hybrid named Storm. He passed away a few months before we finished the home, and so the Adamo team allowed us to bury a memorial to him in the foundation of the home so that he is forever with us and part of the home we were building partly for him. The lengths Adamo went to to accommodate our many odd requests was met with excitement found nowhere else, and we are forever thankful for them. We are so glad for choosing Adamo in building our dream home, and thankful for the friends we made along the way.

Also, the structural integrity and craftsmanship are excellent and we have found no issues with anything having been in our house for seven months now. We had a small leak on an exterior pipe for our backyard irrigation system that was fixed less than 40 minutes after letting Jeff know. Very satisfied with our home!"