Pascal Gaming Expands Table Game Offerings with Turbo Bellote

Pascal Gaming Expands Table Game Offerings with Turbo Bellote

Pascal Gaming has released a new game called Turbo Bellote, which is designed to cater to fans of table games. This game is part of the company’s fast-paced classic casino series. In Turbo Bellote, players select their wagers before revealing eight random playing cards. Depending on the cards that are revealed, players will gain multiplied bet amount prizes respective to their stakes.

During the game, players can receive a x2 multiplier for ‘Tierce’ combinations, which consist of three cards with consecutive values of the same playing suit. Meanwhile, x5 prizes are given to the player for ‘50’ combinations, which are four consecutive cards of the same suit.

As players move further up the paytable, x10 is awarded for ‘4 cards’ combinations, displaying four identical cards from all four suits. Double Tierce combinations will pay x15 when two combinations of three consecutive cards of the same suit appear at the same time, while ‘100’ combinations pay x25 for five consecutive cards of the same suit.

If players reveal both a ‘Tierce’ and ‘50’ combination at once, they will receive a win of x50. A combination of ‘four cards’ and ‘Tierce’ awards x100. Additionally, combinations of ‘100’ and ‘Tierce’ pay x500, double ‘50’ combinations pay x1,000 and ‘four cards’ and ‘50’ combinations give players a win of x2,500.

Finally, players can receive the highest payout of x5,000 for landing two ‘four cards’ combinations in the same game round. If readers would like to try out the Turbo Bellote demo, they can click here to be directed to Pascal Gaming’s official website.