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Their proprietary production technology was developed around a modular bio-secure system that requires no chemical or antibiotic additives and uses bio-floc technology to reduce feed costs, enhance water quality, and accelerate growth rates.

The South Texas Shrimp Farm underwent a major initiative to modernize its facilities with two key areas of improvement in mind:. Due to the unique nature of the system, and the high oxygen demands of biofloc culture, MDM was contracted to design and develop a custom aeration system designed around centralized control skids that could be located outside of the production modules.

Trials were run with temporary installments on several production tanks to refine the system. Once the systems were dialed in, they were then upgraded to prefabricated, plug-and-play units and installed on all production modules. The result was a reliable, energy-efficient system that allows Texas Shrimp Farm staff the ability to monitor and control their system remotely while eliminating all mechanical equipment from inside their culture tanks and modules. This involved the installation of multiple 8,, BTU LNG fired boiler systems, feeding a half-mile closed loop system, that supplied heat via titanium heat exchangers located in each culture tank.

Water was circulated throughout the system with MDMs Advance pumps and the addition of Advance pumps used as boosters at each heat-exchanger input point. Since the completion of this project, the South Texas Shrimp Farm has improved its year-round production capabilities without having to sacrifice growth and survival during the cold winter months.

Replacing multiple pieces of equipment inside our production modules with a single prefabricated, plug-and-play skid system located outside was exactly the solution we were looking for. The custom VFD and sensor system MDM integrated has allowed us to maintain incredibly stable DOs with very little over-site, all while significantly reducing our power consumption.

Our pump experts are standing by to help no matter the size or scope. South Texas Shrimp Farm. Large Scale Recirculating Aquaculture System.

Taft, Texas. The South Texas Shrimp Farm underwent a major initiative to modernize its facilities with two key areas of improvement in mind: The need to move away from the traditional combination of regenerative blowers and paddlewheel-driven aeration technology in an attempt to increase dissolved oxygen levels, reduce power consumption, eliminate equipment failures, and reduce manpower dedicated to monitoring and maintenance.

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