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Good service but a little tricky to find. If entering from outside at the Cargill building on Graham, take the elevator to the 2nd floor and it's a few stores to the left.

Service is good and you get your money right away unlike banks that there's limit plus waiting period because they have to order some money if they don't have enough in cash. Preordered some MXN with no issues. You can ask for specific denominations and the rate was cheaper than the bank when pre-ordering. Very good rate compared to the peso exchange in Mexico. So be assured the rate they offer is fair. They were very quick to message me back on Google messages to arrange pick up time and confirmation that they have the order.

The gentleman that assisted me the day of was professional and friendly. Decent customer service, fair exchange rate, they carry some exotic currencies that you can't find elsewhere, glad they got COP for me and even offered me discount rate. They have really good rates compare to other currency exchange services in Winnipeg.

Very helpful staff and I always prefer to go here for currency exchange because of great rates. We are on the other side of the food court, beside a handicap ramp. About 2 minutes walk. Walking into the building of Adelaide St. Turn right at Rexalll drug store and walk stright to foot court. We are inside the food court, beside a handicap ramp. About 1 minutes walk.

Turn left at Rexall drug store and walk stright to foot court. Walking into the building of 85 Richmond St. Walking into the building of Richmond St. About 8 minutes walk. Walk out queen station from south bound platform, turn left walk into the Bay. Turn right in the Bay, and keep walking straight to Thompson building, keep walking straight to Shearton Centre, and turn left. We are 6 shops away on your right hand side.

Currency exchange is changing one currency to another for the purpose of travel, purchase or investment. Currency Mart acts as a counter-party to an off-exchange or an over-the-counter forex transaction of cash, financial instruments, futures contracts, options on futures contracts. Currency exchange is a decentralized market and operates 24 hours per day around the globe. London, New York and Tokyo are the three major currency exchange markets and followed by cities of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Decentralized market means each currency exchange broker offers its own buy in and sell out exchange rates. The rates are determined based on the demand, inventory and supply of the particular dealer and also the interbank rates at that moment.

That is why exchange rates at the same moment are similar, but different broker to broker. RBC is the major player in Canadian foreign exchange market.

In addition to banks, large corporations who deal with petroleum or grains conduct massive amount of foreign exchange transactions. Licensed brokers who serve retail clients and small businesses fill up the rest of market gap. In addition, purchasing property, vehicle, pay tutition and travel expense are supplements of the currency exchange market in Toronto.

Exchange rate is updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Each exchange rate comes with 2 expressions, which express the same rate in 2 different ways. Each expression is 4 digits accuracy. Currency Mart as a currency exchange dealer, we always keep USD currency in stock for customers demand. Exchange money from a reputable foreign exchange dealer is a way to same money, but the drawback is customers need to find out which foreign exchange dealer is a money saver.

This is a little bit easy for people in their own city, but when people in their travel destination city, the answer is not that obvious. Here is a few tips how to find a reputable foreign exchange dealer. Those foreign exchange kiosks in airports, hotels, and tourist hotspots target tourist as customers and offer convenient but expensive foreign exchange solution.

The No. Google review is a really useful information tool to let you know the dealer before deal with them. Please read through reviews, especially the negative reviews. Some reviews are faked by business owners but are so easy to identified. The scenario of generic review is so rare, so you can tell this was real happened when you read it. Talk to the dealer which you would like to deal with. Get the answers about exchange rate, payment accepted, denominations available. In addition to working population, our downtown location also the first choice for residents of waterfront community, west of University Ave.

There is no currency exchange business establishment in this area. The best option is toronto downtown and the closest option is Yonge and Bloor. Calling each foreign exchange dealer in Toronto and asking for a quote will find you the best exchange rate in Toronto. Yes, all branches of local banks and credit unions offer currency exchange services, however there are a few things to pay attention to. Banks and credit unions only deal with customers who have accounts with them.

Some well known foreign exchange dealers are:. These markup and fee vary from bank to bank and branch to branch. All banks and credit unions offer currency exchange service, but the drawbacks are usually bank branches do not keep foreign currency cash in stock and also the exchange rate branches offer less favorable for customers.

Beside banks and credit unions, there are a few non financial institution currency exchange dealers in Toronto. These non financial institution foreign exchange dealers try to distinguish their services to others so they do not directly complete with each other.

Farmers are the main customers of all currency exchange dealers in Toronto. Farmers trade huge amount of currency in spring to purchase supply and in fall after selling their harvest. Business owners such as auto dealers, trading companies and restaurants, as well as hotels.

These type of businesses either accumulate huge amount of foreign currency during daily operation or need to make large purchase and pay in foreign currency. New immigrants bring in their savings of their whole life to Canada. That is why the currency exchange demand for new immigrants is huge. International students spends their 5 years of best life in Toronto. Travelers make small amount exchange, but the huge number of visitors makes the businesses still attractive for currency exchange dealers.

All banks and credit unions offer currency exchange services, but these branches do not keep Euro dollar in stock. Customers need to order with them and pick it up 3 - 5 days later. From the exchange rate point of view, in general, the exchange rate in the morning is better than afternoon, beginning of each week is better than near the end of the week. If the leftover foreign currency is bill, you can still take the bills to local banks or currency exchange dealers.

We suggest you to exchange currency a few days before you departure. The reason is you have time to compare and shop around. Currency exchange dealers try to carry as many currencies as possible, but the supply and the fluctuating currency exchange rates limit our capability.

As a currency exchange dealer, United State dollar and Euro dollar are mush have currencies. In addition, some currencies, such as Mexican peso and currencies for other sunshine destination are must have for winter season.

To sum up, we try to carry all European country currencies all year around and travel destination country currencies in winter. Please check our currency list for details. This amount can be doubled if you travel to US or other European countries and can be reduced to half if you travel to developing countries. Exchange Rate Show reference interbank exchange rate of all available currencies Check. English French. Winnipeg Downtown Winnipeg St.

All Locations. Home Currency Exchange Toronto Downtown. Currency Exchange Toronto. Currency Mart in Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Check Exchange Rates. Use Currency Converter. Check Inventory. Order Currency Online. Trade Currency Online. Review us on Google. Location Map. Monday - Wednesday: am - pm. Thursday - Friday: am - pm.

Saturday: am - pm.

Our Toronto office is easily accessible from Queen street, with transits stops located conveniently outside. Shopping Cart Cart. Get Directions. Hours of Operation Monday — Sunday am — pm.

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Call for a no-obligation currency exchange quote. Guaranteed you will not find a better rate for US dollar currency exchange.

The table below is a comparison of all the major Canadian bank exchange rates. The rates have been sourced from their website or by calling their branch on a given day. Please note, exchange rates change frequently. Some of the banks require you to call them to see their rates because they change a lot. I'm sure you are not surprised.

If you multiply the difference in the exchange rates between the banks and a currency exchange provider by the amount of your transaction, then this is the estimated savings. At this point, you can determine if its worth it to use your bank or not.

For small amounts of currency, simply use your bank. In a comparison see abovethey have easily beat the currency exchange rate of Toronto banks and others. They call the banks every morning Best Money Exchange Toronto then ensure their exchange rates are better.

Everything can be exchanged within a day. The Best Money Exchange Toronto your transaction, the better the exchange rate MMoney will receive. You can get a no-obligation currency exchange quote Best Money Exchange Toronto calling or If you require physical cash currency, then you will need to find a place that handles physical cash exchange. If you need physical Bitcoin Domiannce, you can find Best Money Exchange Toronto few places close to you here.

You can also visit TD Toronto foreign exchange services is located in downtown Toronto and has physical cash for you to buy. They carry over 50 currencies Eschange stock and ready to sell. You can also get this ordered to your closest branch. It is a very convenient option for currency exchange in Toronto. You simply walk up to the counter and exchange your currency. You can also give them a call ahead of time to see if they have your currency on hand. Once the funds are in your US dollar account at your bank, you can simply go to your branch and withdraw the funds in US dollar cash.

Looking for the best currency exchange rates in Toronto that provide better than bank exchange rates? Call Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Toronto www. You can see real time currency exchange rates above. The first row shows the market US dollar Canadian dollar currency exchange rate.

It also shows the high and the low for the US dollar exchange rate for the day. Currency exchange rates are volatile and change every few seconds. If you are looking for the best place to exchange US dollars, you can definitely do a lot better than your bank if you have a sizeable amount to convert.

In Toronto, there are a few places where you can exchange currency. If you are looking for physical cash, then you need to go to a retail outlet or a bank.

All you need to have is a Canadian or a US account as transfers are done bank to bank. There are a Bitcoin To Dogecoin Exchange of currency exchange places in Toronto and many of them are located in the mall. If you are converting a large amount, Best Money Exchange Toronto retail place is not necessarily your best option in Toronto. Smaller cash outlets offer convenience but have high rent and fixed overhead costs.

If you need physical cash, then you pretty much have to go to these places and you don't have much of a choice. I wish I could tell you. There is no perfect time of day or of week to exchange funds. The currency exchange market is very efficient. If there was a perfect time of day then everyone would wait all day for this time and the rush of people buying at that time would push the price up.

The currency exchange market is based on a lot of factors, especially supply and demand and economic factors. However, currency exchange rates typically all rise on Exchznge weekend due to lack of liquidity supply. Therefore, if you go to exchange currency, try not to do it on the weekend as markets are generally closed and currency exchange companies have to hold on to the currency over the weekend Exchane take on risk that the currency exchange rates Swapteen against them.

The process is simple but takes some work. Now you know the cost for both places. Make sure your currency exchange company is cheaper than the bank! Don't forget to ask about any fees or commissions. So you finally need to buy US dollars for the first time. This is a good starting point list of questions you can ask a currency exchange company based in Toronto.

If you live in Toronto, you will have access to all of the major big five Canadian banks for currency exchange. The marketshare of the Canadian banks is fairly split between all of them so you should have a branch that is close by to you. However, when it comes to currency exchange, some banks are better than others. If you frequently need to exchange currency, you want to align yourself with a bank that Torontoo the best exchange rates to buy us dollars.

That being said, if you want to stick to using your bank, then the bank that offers the best exchange rate is HSBC bank. This could be because they are an international bank or that they prefer to work with clients that have international exposure and therefore international currency Exchnage needs.

TD borderless exchange rates are better than the standard TD rates, so if you do a lot of cross border shopping, you may want to consider having a TD cross border account. For example, the difference between a regular TD rate and TD borderless is 0. Simply go to any of the big five banks or the current financial institution that you work with and tell them you want to open a US dollar account.

The answer is yes and no, well actually it depends. It depends on the amount you are transacting. If you transact a lot, such as you get paid in US dollars and you need to frequently convert it to Canadian dollars, then you want to consider using a bank that is going to give you the best exchange rates out of all the Canadian banks.

The problem with switching banks is convenience and hassle. A good general rule of thumb is that if you have recurring requirements then you want to try to minimize your foreign exchange costs and it is worth it to switch to banks that have the best exchange rates because you Totonto save on a recurring basis.

If you do not have frequent currency exchange requirements, then it might Solidity Library Event make Exchangs to switch. There is hassle and paperwork involved plus regular fees. Anything less than that and the savings might not be worth the hassle.

Banks have all the marketshare so why should they give away currency exchange for free, they can practically charge whatever they want and get away with it. Mnoey, Toronto, ON Exfhange they focus exclusively on currency exchange and precious metals.

You can give them a call at to see if they have your currency Exchamge stock and how much they charge for it. This is not a bad idea if you Torontk have physical cash currency. The process for physical cash exchange is at a TD foreign exchange centre is as follows:. This is because the place you are exchanging it with has to carry inventory and has higher overhead costs such as rent. You will also need to provide ID when you exchange physical cash and explain where you got the money from and what you want to do with the currency.

Make sure you are going to a reputable place to exchange currency. As you can see, the Canadian banks are all over the place when it comes to the Canadian dollar forecast. Some are forecasting the Canadian dollar to Torotno higher, while others are forecasting the Canadian dollar to go lower.

However, take it with a grain of salt as they can be right just as often as they are wrong. Currency exchange places are better, but why? The first reason is that banks essentially have a monopoly oligopoly in the currency exchange market. Your money is already at the bank and they know this. You probably Excahnge bank with one or two banks. Exchxnge, what is the chance that you will even consider not using your bank for currency exchange? Therefore, the banks don't really compete on price.

In fact, if they increase their prices on exchange rates, consumers will likely still accept them. Secondly, the banks have high overhead costs and don't specialize in only foreign exchange. Bank processing Ecchange are high, they go through several people, and the branches have high overhead.

The margins that the banks charge for currency exchange is very high, and this is the main reason currency exchange places can undercut 5 Gram Pamp Suisse Gold Bar bank exchange rates - because their rates are so high! Individuals that need to convert currency should look for the best exchange rate in Toronto before they convert any funds.

Currency is a commodity Monry there are a number of places that sell currency including the Canadian banks. Each service provider that sells currency is looking to sell it at a price that they can make a profit on, but some providers have higher costs than others. Think of a large bank that has high overhead costs such as branches, advertising, and staff. These costs add up and banks need to add a substantial markup to ensure they are making money to cover these costs.

Therefore, the banks will typically not provide the best exchange rates in Toronto. One such provider that provides the best exchange rates in Toronto is Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange www. Compare the quote to your bank and you will be able to see if they have better exchange rates than the bank. They can even help you compare their rate to your bank rate and see how it compares.

You will save money because banks have a higher mark-up.