GamCare: Layering Self-Exclusion Tools Prevents Harmful Gambling

GamCare: Layering Self-Exclusion Tools Prevents Harmful Gambling

GamCare published the results of a recent study, probing into the efficiency of multi-operator self-exclusion schemes. IPSOS specialists held follow-up interviews with 30 people who have signed up for these programs, asking them about their experiences.

These interviews were taken almost three years after the baseline study, with 71% of the original cohort participating in the follow-up. This is notably the first longitudinal study on the topic. It provides valuable insights into how multi-operator self-exclusion schemes impact players.

Most operators have their own self-exclusion tools but multi-operator schemes allow players to stop gambling as a whole, preventing them from playing with many gaming companies at the same time. Multi-operator schemes often provide players with a degree of personalization, allowing customers to only exclude themselves from certain brands or certain gaming verticals.

GAMSTOP, a British multi-operator self-exclusion scheme, allows clients to forfeit playing with all legal operators in the United Kingdom. Some of the interviewed people said that GAMSTOP helped them save a lot of money they could have otherwise lost to iGaming.

At the time of the recent interviews, many respondents were still using some kind of exclusion scheme. The majority felt more confident, believing that they have more or less gotten their gambling habits under control.

However, some of them had to use more than one tool to make certain they won’t return to gambling. A number of respondents were frequenting talking therapies to further return their control over their spending behavior.

Others layered self-exclusion apps, used schemes such as Gamban and employed ad-blocking software to shield themselves from ads. Some even went the extra mile and asked their banks to block gambling transactions, further securing their exclusion from gambling.

TalkBanStop Helps People Get Their Lives Back

The layering of tools is what TalkBanStop, a united front between GamCare, Gamban and GAMSTOP is all about. The partnership encourages gamblers to take advantage of the tools available to them and jumpstart their recovery.

The partnership leverages GamCare’s advisers and the National Gambling Helpline to consult people experiencing gambling problems. Gamban, on the other hand, helps people exclude themselves from gambling sites and applications. The tool is completely free through the National Gambling Helpline and for anyone using GamCare. Finally, Gamstop provides an additional layer of self-exclusion, further helping people protect themselves from gambling.

Self-exclusion continues to be a speed bump on the road toward harmful gambling. Multi-operator schemes are proving to be very effective in helping people get their lives under control.

You can read more about the results of the recent study on GamCare’s official website.