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All 20 sizes of our new LED signs are multicolor with many shades and gradients of red, green and yellow. They're better and brighter than other LED signs.

Moving messages, animated images and backgrounds increase your sales. Great Features. All 20 sizes of our LED signs are in stock and ship in 1 or 2 business days.

Schools and colleges across US and Canada buy from us. We're the leader. Call Us Or Email: info tvliquidator. Order 2 LED signs to display on both sides of a pole or a monument. Order them as main and secondary if you want to connect them to display the same information on both signs. They scroll, change or stay still. Love's and Speedco gas stations bought signs from us. Our LED signs have date and time features. They improve any type of business. Modern, sleek, silent and dependable. They come fully assembled.

Hang it up and plug it in. Spread the word about your association, club or business. Thousands of drivers will notice your business for the first time when you hang up a brand new LED sign.

It's durable, lightweight and easy to install. Plugs in a regular volt outlet. We are the industry leader. Our LED sign experts want to help you improve your business and give you advice on anything you need. We take care of our customers. Just call us. Write messages in many fonts and pick built-in images with our wireless keyboard from up to feet away. We're trusted by countless hotels and motels in US and Canada. Our LED signs are 10 times brighter than modern day flat screen televisions.

They have 10 levels of adjustable brightness. You pick your colors. Our signs are simple to operate. Best prices. Save money by buying your sign direct from us and have a handyman install it. We supply over a thousand sign companies that sell our signs for double our prices.

Many built-in preloaded images, animations and logos. Free shipping to anywhere in the USA. Educate and inform your city. We sell thousands of LED signs to government agencies like fire departments, USPS, city halls, military bases, airports, hospitals, parks etc.

Our signs are Made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts. New energy efficient technology. Attract and inform visitors 24 hours a day with colorful changing messages and images. Free 3 year warranty. Free lifetime telephone technical and programming support.

Display messages in 1 and 2 lines. Display hundreds of messages and images still, rotating or scrolling. It's easy with our wireless remote control keyboard. Our signs can be your main sign, above your sign, below your sign, out on the property or inside your building. Just put up one of our bright dynamic LED signs and new customers will start coming in fast.

It's a low cost great investment that never stops making you money. Our big signs are seen from blocks away. We ship large signs in a crate for free. Custom sizes and PC programming are available. It only takes a few minutes to order by phone. It's a great investment that never stops making you money. They are a very powerful marketing tool for every type of business. Their colorful moving messages and images increase customer awareness 24 hours a day. People today are attracted to a place that has digital signage.

Digital signs stand out. They motivate customers to take action. If 30 cars drive on your street per minute, that's 40, cars a day driving by your location. It would only take a small fraction of those potential customers to significantly improve your sales volume.

Our customers all across North America know this well. Upload Your Content. Display Thru Direct Sunlight. Touch Screen Computer Kiosks. You see our LED signs everyday and everywhere. Our customers are large corporations, small businesses and government agencies.

They include thousands of stores, hotels, churches, schools and all types of businesses. We also sell thousands of signs to sign companies, including the big national chains.

Our digital signs increase revenues in every industry. Demonstration Video Size 78" x 16". Easy to Program - All 20 sizes come with our exclusive wireless remote control qwerty keyboard. It is very easy to operate. You can write and store hundreds of different rotating messages from up to feet away. You can choose from hundreds of built-in moving animated images. Change the scroll speed faster, slower, still, changing or flashing. They can scroll left, right, up, or down.

The sign has all the software built-in and you use the wireless remote control keyboard to program it. There is no need for a computer or the Internet. All 20 sizes are multicolor with shades and gradients of red, green and yellow.

They display 1 and 2 line messages. They can display up to 4 lines at a time on 36" high sizes. They can be displayed vertically and horizontally. They have date and time functions. They have a wide assortment of animated backgrounds including the American flag. There are built-in special effects with many variations. These signs are also being utilized as Gas Price Signs in hundreds of gas stations nationwide. Top Quality and Weatherproof - We are constantly improving the quality and performance of our products.

All 20 sizes are completely weatherproof for outdoor and indoor advertising. They are very durable, lightweight and only 3 inches thick. The extruded aluminum frame keeps the weight low. The polycarbonate grill adds strength and heat resistance. The aluminum sliding back panel resists cracks and rust. A thick silicone coating protects it from moisture and heavy rain. Each sign contains thousands of LED lights. All 20 sizes have extremely bright moving messages, images and effects.

They're around 10 times brighter than modern day flat screen televisions. They can be seen from a much greater distance than conventional signs. They're sharp and clear from up close and very far away.

All 20 sizes of our new LED signs are multicolor with many shades and gradients of red, green and yellow. They're better and brighter than other LED signs. Moving messages, animated images and backgrounds increase your sales. Great Features.

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